How To Add And Stream VidAngel On Roku Media Player

VidAngel gives users the choice to skip objectionable parts of movies and other video content that they own. It is the only service that lets everyone in the household personalize their own viewing experience. VidAngel is also used as a tool to remove any type of offensive content in movies, TV series, and music videos. Therefore, if you own an Apple TV or Roku device, then it may be worth looking into. Here we are going to discuss how to add and stream VidAngel on Roku to make your watching experience amazing. 

What is VidAngel?

VidAngel is an American streaming platform that was founded by Jeffrey Zeldman in 2015. It gives the users access to skip parts of the video that they would rather not watch. The platform offers an alternative audio version of the video and also enables the user to mute the sound if they so choose. The founders of VidAngel claim that they are in the business of helping people find the content they want to see regardless of where it comes from or what company produces it. 

How Do I Install and Use VidAngel on my Roku device?

VidAngel really aids in the removal of content from third-party streaming services such as HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Follow these instructions to obtain VidAngel on Roku.

  1. First, on your mobile, downloading and installing the VidAngel phone app (Android or iPhone).
  2. Second, tap the Me icon in the bottom right corner of your app’s screen.
  3. Select Manage Streaming Services from the drop-down menu.
  4. You must connect to third-party streaming sites such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Slide the toggle button in the vicinity of each third-party website.
  5. From the bottom left corner of your screen, Tab and hold the Home button.
  6. Choose any movie or television show. For example, if you want to watch a movie on Amazon Prime, you may do so by clicking the Watch with Amazon Prime option.
  7. It now begins Verifying title, which generally takes 20 to 30 seconds.
  8. When the verification procedure is complete, press the Send to TV button.
  9. Select the Roku button on the screen, followed by your Roku player from the list.
  10. Please keep in mind that you can only view your device if your smartphone and Roku are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  11. Once the VidAngel channel has shown on your Roku screen, click the Add Channel option. A four-digit code now displays on your screen.
  12. Type the four-digit code that displays on your television’s screen, then click OK.
  13. On the phone’s screen, press the Disconnect button.
  14. Choose the VidAngel channel from your Roku home screen. Following that, pick the Sign-in option, and a code will display on the screen.
  15. Check VidAngel’s website – https://www.vidangel.com/. Select the following from the webpage and pick the Roku device type.

Device information – Enter the name of your device.

Product code – Enter the code from your television screen.

  1. On the following page, select the Filters you want from the screen and click the Save button.
  2. Then, on your Roku, navigate to the VidAngel channel and select the title you wish to view.
  3. For example, if you choose a Netflix program, choose the Watch with Netflix option. It now begins Verifying Title, and you pick the Watch Now button.

All You Need To Know About VidAngel

VidAngel is an online streaming platform that gives its users a chance to skip certain parts of the video they don’t want to see. They have a library of over 5,000 movies and TV shows and offer a service that eliminates filler. Subscription Plans for VidAngel are:

  • VidAngel features a $9.99 monthly subscription option.
  • With this subscription, you may filter and watch all VidAngel material.
  • VidAngel has no extra hidden or additional fees.

VidAngel is a family-friendly streaming platform since it allows users to block out specific portions. We all know that the majority of shows and movies available on online platforms are not always appropriate for children. So you may choose what to watch by utilizing these criteria. However, as a result of this screening function, the firm was subjected to years of litigation. However, after years of defeat, VidAngel has returned with a new interface. Enjoy these filtered contents with your family using VidAngel on Roku.

VidAngel on Roku – Final Thoughts 

Right now, VidAngel is operating without any major Hollywood partners so it’s all about showing raw rights-protected videos with a view toward making money through advertising or subscriptions. This makes VidAngel unique among streaming services because there’s an emphasis on helping subscribers get the best experience possible. So, we hope that you can freely enjoy VidAngel on your Roku device.

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