Enter Code at jetbluemastercard.com/activate to Activate Your JetBlue Mastercard Online

Have you got a new JetBlue MasterCard and want to activate it? Well, there are many ways available for activating the new card. You can either visit jetbluemastercard.com/activate page to get the card activated or dial the toll-free number to the official Barclays team. Today, we will see how to activate your JetBlue credit card at jetbluemastercard.com/activate.

The JetBlue Mastercard is a credit card that can get you extra savings at gas stations, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related expenses. Unlike the other travel reward cards, the benefits of this one are not limited to a single airline or hotel chain. You can get almost 5% back on any purchases you make through the card. If you have a JetBlue Airways account, you can use your card to purchase necessary tickets and count them towards your rewards.

So, if you are eager to activate your JetBlue MasterCard after its arrival, here’s what you must possess with you:

  • A strong broadband network (Wi-Fi).
  • Your card details – 4 digit SSN Number and Card Number
  • A device to visit jetbluemastercard.com/activate 

If you have all these things handy, you can proceed with the activation steps (guided below).

What is JetBlue MasterCard and Its Types?

The JetBlue MasterCard is a powerful credit card that offers a lot of nice perks, including 25% to 50% off inflight food and beverages. You can use this credit card to save money every time you take a flight. There are four different types of MasterCard – JetBlue World MasterCard, JetBlue Plus World Elite MasterCard, JetBlue Rewards World Elite MasterCard, and JetBlue Business MasterCard.

Check out the comprehensive details about the types of JetBlue Card:

  • JetBlue Plus World Elite MasterCard: The card has an annual fee of $99. You will earn up to 40,000 points right after spending $1,000 in the consecutive first three months. The rewards are 1 point for every dollar spent on the card, 2x points on restaurants and airfare, 3x points on travel-related purchases, and 5x points at Marriott, Starwood, and Ritz-Carlton hotels.”
  • JetBlue Rewards World Elite MasterCard: If you spend at least $1,000 on your card in a calendar year, the $40 annual fee is waived. Plus, you’ll fly even further with 50% off select inflight purchases and 2x points at restaurants and grocery stores.
  • JetBlue Business MasterCard: JetBlue Business MasterCard has no annual fee and it is the only card that offers a 50,000-point bonus for spending $1,000 in the first three months. The JetBlue Business MasterCard is just one of many methods to enjoy JetBlue perks. It offers various points on groceries, restaurants, and JetBlue itself, as well as some other benefits. Join the numerous members of this program for some great rewards.
  • JetBlue World MasterCard: The JetBlue World Mastercard offers an array of benefits to suit the everyman lifestyle. Earn a signup bonus of up to 20,000 TrueBlue points, a 50% discount on in-flight purchases, and no annual fee. 

JetBlue MasterCards issued by Barclays are the best to get facilitated, but users find it difficult to activate their card at jetbluemastercard.com/activate due to lack of knowledge. But to ease up the process, follow up this guide to get your Barclays JetBlue MasterCard activated with ease.

jetbluemastercard.com/activate – Complete JetBlue MasterCard Activation Guide 

If you are a new cardmember and want to grab the best Barclaycardus online service by activating the card then this section is for you. Once you have gotten all the required information, you should go ahead and complete JetBlue online application process. Simply visit the link given below and get started with the activation process. The entire process will hardly take around 5 minutes of your time. Never forget to have your JetBlue MasterCard with you along with your credit card number, account number, Social Security Number, and other details handy.

Go ahead to activate your MasterCard at jetbluemastercard.com/activate!

  • Launch your most preferred web browser on your pc, smartphone, or Mac device.
  • Use the address bar and type URL link – jetbluemastercard.com/activate.
  • You will land on the new page, where you can find the option, which says “Activate my card now”. 
  • By tapping on this link, you will reach the new page. 
  • Here on the page, you need to provide all the asked details to make yourself a verified user. 
  • Upon prompted, enter the following details – 
  1. Last 4 digits of your card SSN – Social Security Number. 
  2. Your birth details are in the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  3. Provide your “Account Number” that will be presented on your card. While entering the number, cross-check the same to avoid any process failure.
  4. Furthermore, you will now need to put the “Security code”. Flip your MasterCard or Visa card and you will find a 3-digit code as a security code and this is what you need to enter. Other than this, if you are having an AMEX card, the 4-digit code will be present on the front of your card.
  5. Next, you will be asked to click on the drop-down menu to specify your “Occupation”
  6. Once you select your occupation, you will be asked to verify your US citizenship (if you have one). For this, click the “Yes” or “No” option of the following question – “Are you a United States Citizen?”
  • By entering all these details, click “Continue” to move forward. 
  • Next, follow the proven on-screen guide to complete the process without making any delay. 
  • By following these steps, surely your card will be activated soon and once your JetBlue MasterCard is started, you can begin utilizing it. 

At the same time, you are advised to set your online Barclay account for quick, easy, and hassle-free service access. Once after setting up the account, you can easily view, manage, and pay your transactions. 

Steps to Activate JetBlue MasterCard for Existing Card Member

So, you are an existing card member, but don’t know how to activate your card? Awesome! This section of the post is for you. Here we have come up with the proven steps that you need to execute for the activation procedure. But before proceeding with the steps, make yourself ready with the following items:

  • A spare mobile phone or pc device.
  • A high-speed internet connection to connect your accessing device (pc and mobile phone).
  • Username and Password of your account.

Once you have all these things handy, proceed forward to learn how to activate your JetBlue card at jetbluemastercard.com/activate with your account details.

  • Open the web browser (preferably Chrome or Safari) on your smart device like pc or smartphone.
  • Next, go to the official activation URL – jetbluemastercard.com/activate.
  • From the website, click on the “Existing Customer?” option.
  • In the next step, type in your “Username” and “Password” in the given space.
  • Tap on the “LogIn” button to proceed further with the steps.
  • Pursue the on-screen instructions to make your card activated.  

Though every existing cardholder must possess the valid username and password of the account. However, there have been several times when you forgot your password, hence password recovery is important.

In that case, if you have forgotten either your account username or password, follow these steps to retrieve the same as soon as possible. The complete process is mentioned underneath.  

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Perfect Guide to Reset or Recover Username or Password –

  • Browse to the JetBlue MasterCard activation page. (Click Here)
  • Now, search for the link, which says “Forgot Username or Password?”
  • Tap on the same link after finding it. 
  • You will land on the new screen, where you will need to verify your account by entering the details.
  • To make your account verified, you will need to enter a few details, so that your system will authorize your account. 
  • To verify you as the only person, you need to enter the major details like – the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number), DOB (Date of Birth) in the DD/ MM/ YYYY format, and your Account Number.
  • Next, tap “Continue”.
  • There you go to finally recover your account username and password with such consummate ease.

Still, facing problems while activating the card? Trying calling the experts!

With Official Number Activate Your JetBlue MasterCard 

Simply call the experts at (877) 408-8866 toll-free number on your new card and follow the prompts to activate. You will need to provide your card number and expiration date with the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your zip code, and your date of birth. Once activated, there’s no need to call us again. Your card is ready to be used.

Other than this, you can visit the official customer support page by tapping on the “Contact Us” icon.  

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