How to Stream iTunes TV Shows And Movies on Roku in 2021

Streaming iTunes movies or other content on your Roku is almost like getting access to an entire library of content without having to pay for it. All you require is to find a simple method! iTunes is one of the most popular entertainment services with over 80 million users. Currently, there are two versions for the general public, the free Apple TV and the more expensive AirRadio. The two operating systems are completely different with only minor cosmetic differences.  The only real difference between the two is the cover art which changes from one version to another.

Roku is one of the best platforms out there if you want to stream and download video content as well as listen to music content. You don’t need to be a music expert or even a fan of music to use it; all you need is an internet connection and a device with enough space to store content. If all of this sounds difficult or impossible to you then maybe this article will help you out. 

Enjoy iTunes Movies using Apple TV App on Your Roku Device

The easiest method to see iTunes media on your Roku is to use the Apple TV App. The Apple TV Plus content may be seen with this App.

  1. Turn your Roku device on and click the Roku home button.
  2. Download from the menu to the Search option.
  3. Look for Apple TV and from the recommendation click the Apple TV icon.
  4. To add Apple TV to Roku’s channel shop,  press on Add Channel.
  5. Select Go to Channel and start the app when you have added the channel.
  6. Enter and sign-in to your account with your login IDs (Apple ID, passwords);
  7. You need to log in to the iTunes account you used to rent or buy movies.
  8. The Library area enables access to all the iTunes media you have purchased or leased.

Use Roku Media Player to Binge-watch iTunes films

iTunes films are often secured by DRM and cannot be saved to the hard drive. You may extract iTunes movies to the local storage for playing using programs like NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus.

  1. Download M4V Converter Plus from NoteBurner on your computer. 
  2. Remove a movie or TV show and convert to the Roku compatible format in the iTunes application.
  3. Convert film to a USB disc copy and paste, and connect the USB to the Roku device.
  4. Browse your Roku device and include the media player Roku. (Roku’s latest model comes with a built-in Roku media player).
  5. Start the Roku media player and open the USB disc.
  6. Play iTunes films converted, and your Roku device is playing.

Note: You cannot share media on a Local network with servers such as Plex, ready media, Windows, Twonky, server, and Play On if you do not have a USB port. 

How can I watch iTunes movies on my TV if I don’t have an Apple TV?

The methods listed below will allow you to view iTunes movies and TV series on your TV without using Apple TV.

  • On compatible TVs, use the Apple TV app.
  • Share to AirPlay 2-enabled televisions.
  • On compatible TVs, use the Movies Anywhere app.
  • View iTunes movies on your TV using a USB device or hard disc.
  • Connect your laptop to the television.
  • Connect your iPad/iPhone to your television.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q. Can I get my TV with iTunes?

A: Apple has been partnering this year with Samsung to make iTunes content accessible on Samsung Smart TVs in advance of its ambitions to launch its own streaming service. Furthermore, Apple Music may be streamed now on Android devices and Echo speakers, and iTunes on Windows PCs.

Q. Is TV free of charge for iTunes?

A: Free on iTunes currently has 16 songs and 24 television programs. Each free deal includes a Get button, rather than the standard Buy button.

Q. Is iTunes the same as Apple TV?

A: The Apple TV app is the new home for all of your movies, TV programs, and home videos, as well as your iTunes purchases. Browse movies and TV series available for purchase, rent movies, and subscribe to only the channels you want to watch.

Q. Is it possible to listen to iTunes on my smart TV?

A: If you have an Apple Music subscription, you can listen to songs, playlists, and music videos from the Apple Music collection. With perfectly timed lyrics, you can sing along to your favorite songs. You may also access your music library directly from your smart TV.

Q. How can I get free iTunes music downloads?
A: Simply click the small grey Free icon to download a free item. To download anything from the iTunes Store, you must have an iTunes account. Items in the Free On iTunes area are generally free for about seven days, so keep visiting the page for changes.

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