Get Your Hands On Top 3 Ways To Enjoy Instagram On Roku

Instagram is one of the most used social media websites in the world and it has also become a primary platform for watch-worthy video content. How can you use Instagram effectively for your business? The best way is by using the powerful Instagram on the Roku device. Not only can you watch videos on your TV without having to download or install any other app, but you can also connect with followers on Twitter, post statuses or pictures directly from the app without leaving your favorite profile. There is a lot to like about this app including its ability to integrate several third-party services giving you amazing features like live video chat and remote control for Apple TV, Android TV, and other smart TV models.

Instagram on Roku is one of the best options if you are looking for an easy way to watch online videos without having to install additional software on your computer or transfer videos between your phone and your computer. Roku has a lot of great features which make it a great option for online video consumption. And it has gained popularity due to its low price point and ease of use. If you’re hunting for an alternative to YouTube and Vimeo, then Instagram on Roku might be just what you’re looking for.

How can I activate Roku Screen Mirroring?

You must first activate screen mirroring before you can mirror anything to Roku. To enable screen mirroring, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the Roku Home Screen.
  • Scroll down and click on Settings.
  • Choose Screen Mirroring > Mode of Screen Mirroring
  • Select Prompt or Always Allow.
  • Make sure that both the Roku and the Mirroring device are linked to the same WiFi network.

Step-by-step instructions to Mirror Instagram to Roku from Android

  • Firstly, enable Android’s Screen Mirroring option.
  • Go to Settings > Connections and Sharing > Cast > Turn on the toggle button.
  • Mirror Instagram on Roku from Android

1: Swipe from the top to bring up the notification tray, then choose the cast option from the Android screen.

2: From the list, choose the name of your Roku device.

Mirroring will begin on your device. Now launch the Instagram app and begin streaming the video you wish to watch on your Roku.

What to do to Mirror Instagram to Roku from iOS?

If you want to view the mirror from iOS, you must first install an app called Streamer for Roku. The Roku Streamer app is now available in the app store.

1: Launch the Streamer for Roku app.

2: Connect your Roku device. [The software will also prompt you to install it on your Roku device.]

3: The screen mirroring feature is available. Tap on it to bring up your iOS display.

Launch the Instagram app and begin streaming the video to the Roku-connected TV.

How and when to Screen Mirror Instagram from Windows to Roku?

Here are the steps to screen mirror the Instagram application on Roku via windows. 

1: Launch Chrome and sign in to your account.

2: Locate the notification icon at the bottom of your taskbar and click it.

3: Click the “Connect” button.

4: A list of ready-to-cast devices linked to the same WiFi network will display. Select the Roku device.

5: Your Windows screen will display on your Roku-enabled television.

Start the Instagram app and begin seeing your timeline, which will show on the TV.

Final Thoughts

So, the steps we outlined below are the instructions you need to follow for enjoying the entertainment world of Instagram on Roku. The three methods listed above are the three distinct ways to stream Instagram on Roku TV. Because it is not a native app, you must only utilize the screen mirroring option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q. Is Instagram available on Roku?

A: Before Roku allows you to install the official Instagram app directly, you can only utilize screen mirroring to search through your favorite content on your Roku-linked TV.

Q. How can you get Instagram to appear on your television?


  • Install the app on your smartphone and television. Also, Download the app.
  • Join the same wireless network as your phone and TV.
  • Open the Instagram live video you wish to view, and it will appear on your smart TV right now.

Q. How Can I Watch Someone’s Instagram Live Video Without Their Knowledge?


  • Change Your Identity- Using this option is one of the simplest and most secure methods to join the live stream without revealing your identity.
  • Make use of a fake account.
  • Try using Someone Else’s Account.

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