Facing Issue Of blinking Green Light On Roku Remote?- How To Fix It Guide

Fixing the blinking green light on your Roku remote is not an easy task. But keep your worries aside since we are here at your service! The blinking green light may be connected to software issues or hardware malfunction. It might also be caused by problems with wiring or physical circuits. Whatever the reason, if the green light is disturbing you even after turning off the screen, it is almost time for you to contact someone. You can try contacting vendors on the telephone or visiting their offices. But most of all, you should refer to our page. We have developed different methods to fix this problem and will share them with you here.

If you own a Roku model 3 or higher, there is a very good chance that it has a problem with its LED lighting. Blinking green light is a problem that many people have had with this unit, and the solution is fairly simple – replace the wiring harness that is attached to the back of the unit. This fix will also fix any issues with the sound coming from the TV, as well as any other weird behaviour that may be affecting your enjoyment of your programming. Let’s explore the possible outcomes of your issues and how to deal with this hassle.

What Kind Of Remote Do You Have?

Before jumping to any conclusions about fixes you can do, it is important to know the type of remote you are using to operate your Roku streaming player. There are two kinds of Roku remotes available on the market. They’re mentioned as follows:

  • Standard IR Remote
  • Enhanced Point-Anywhere Remote Control

Need The Quickest Solution- Have a Look!

Quick Fix for the Blinking Green Light on the Roku Remote:

  1. If you are encountering this issue with your Roku remote but require it quickly, all you need to do is open the Playstore/App Store on your smartphone.
  2. Download the Roku app and install it on your device.
  3. From the bottom panel, choose Remote.
  4. Choose your Roku device and link it with it.
  5. Make absolutely sure that both the Roku device and the smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network before pairing.

You can now use your smartphone as a Roku remote control.

Important note: You may also listen to the audio from your phone discreetly by plugging in earphones to your smartphone.

How to Repair a Blinking Green Light on a Roku Remote?

We have come up with four technical and basic ways for you to resolve the problem of the green blinking light on your Roku remote. Check it out!

Replace or adjust the Remote batteries

Just whatever the issue is with your Roku control, first check to see whether the batteries are in excellent condition. If not, replace it with a fresh set of batteries to ensure smooth operation. However, after changing the batteries, if your Roku control is still not operating properly, try the following solutions.

Examine your Internet Strength and HDMI connections

Because the Roku gadget is entirely dependent on the Internet, a bad connection may also cause problems. Make sure your Roku device is linked to a solid internet connection to resolve this. Also, ensure that the HDMI port linked to your Roku device and the TV screen is properly positioned. If you’ve checked everything and the light is still flickering, your remote needs to be repaired.

Reconnecting the Roku Remote

This is the second last alternative for troubleshooting the blinking green light of your Roku remote. 

  • Remove the battery from your Roku control.
  • Hold down the reset button on the bottom of the remote.
  • Sit tight for 5 seconds, or until the yellow light begins to flicker.

Note: If the light does not flash yellow, repeat this procedure many times. Depending on the type of your remote, the light may be located on the front or rear of the remote.

  • Wait a few moments after the light starts flashing until your remote is linked with the Roku streaming player.
  • If the pairing is successful, you will see a successful dialogue box on your Roku screen.
  • Finally, your Roku remote is fully functional with your Roku device. If not, and the problem persists, you will need to replace your Roku control.

Replacement with a new Roku remote control

If none of the following solutions resolves your Roku remote’s blinking problem, you will need to purchase a new remote. Yes, that’s the only option left as of now! Before purchasing a replacement remote, ensure that you are purchasing the proper remote model for your Roku device. The standard IR Roku remote costs $15, while the enhanced point anywhere remote costs $30.

So, these are some methods for troubleshooting your Roku remote if it has a green light blinking on it. We hope you were able to find a solution for your Roku control.

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