How to Listen to Apple Music on Roku?

Can you imagine life without music? It is almost impossible to think something like that. In the twenty-first-century, the fun of listening to music has certainly doubled. With numerous state-of-the-art devices available at your disposal, it wouldn’t be a tough task to listen to your favorite music. If you have an Apple device and wish to listen to Apple Music, let us take you through the process. In this guide, you will learn the simple tricks to listen to Apple Music on Roku.

Apple Music on Roku through Screen Mirroring

Apple Music boasts 70 million songs. This is a staggering figure. All the songs flaunt lyrics, offline streaming, and AirPlay. Since you are a Roku user, you cannot access the official Apple Music player as it is not available.

So, how do you listen to Apple Music on Roku?

Screen Mirroring! Yes, you can stream all your favorite music through screen mirroring. This can be done from your PC or smartphone. Let’s check out the steps below.

How to Screen Mirror Apple Music from Android Phone –

If you have an Android phone, you can still complete the screen mirroring steps. Here’s a rundown of steps to listen to your favorite music.

  • Unlock your device (if it is locked) and navigate to the “Play Store”.
  • Tap in the “Search” box and type “Apple Music”.
  • The search results should bring the app on the screen. Tap and download the Apple Music app on your device.
  • You need to launch it to open. It will prompt you to enter the login details.
  • Provide the subscribed Apple ID and complete the login process easily.
  • To view the Notification Panel, you must swipe down the screen. Now, you can see a plethora of options, including “Screen Cast”.
  • Tap on the “Cast” icon to get the list of available devices.
  • If you see your Roku device listed, tap on the device.
  • Now, get back to the Apple Music app and choose your favorite music.
  • Tap on the “Play” button to start listening to Apple Music on Roku.

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Screen Mirror Apple Music from iOS –

Screen mirroring or casting from an iOS device is easy and simple. Here’s how you can listen to music on your Roku device.

  • On your Apple phone, go to the App Store.
  • Type Mirror for Roku and install the app once found on the screen.
  • After adding to your device, launch the same. It will need you to select your Roku device.
  • You need to “allow permission” to mirror notifications on your Roku screen.
  • Select the “Start Mirroring” button or icon.
  • Select “Start Broadcast” and open “Apple Music”.
  • If prompted, log in with your Apple ID.
  • There you go! You can now listen to the music on your preferred device.

Note: Apple Music can be found on all iOS devices.

Can I Screen Mirror Apple Music on Roku from PC?

The straight answer is YES. And here’s how you can do that. Refer to the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open your PC and launch your favorite web browser.
  • Go to music.apple.com.
  • The system will prompt you to log in. For that, you will need your Apple ID.
  • On your keyboard, press “Windows + P” and choose “Connect to a wireless display” from the “Project” tab.
  • From the “Connect” tab, you will have the option to select your streaming device.
  • You are all set as soon as it is connected to your Roku device.
  • You can start playing the music album on your Roku.

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Is There Any Alternate Way?

If you are interested in trying out an alternate way or none of the above methods work for you, consider converting the music to Roku compatible format. Some of the most compatible formats are MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and WMA using Apple Music Converter.

After the conversion, you are all set to listen to Apple Music on Roku. You can also cast it from your Roku Mobile App.

Make sure you follow the above methods meticulously. If one method fails, try the other. If you aren’t a tech guy and think you wouldn’t be able to do it, contact professionals. Highly-trained professionals are always ready to render help instantly. Apart from Apple Music, you can also add Amazon Music or Spotify on your Roku device. The certified technicians will make sure you are not facing any issues.

What are you waiting for? Stick to the correct guidelines and start listening to music from your favorite artists.

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